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Week 6 Session 1

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Week 6 Session 1

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This week, try to slightly increase the weight. For example, if you were using a 5kg dumbbell for the Sumo Squat & Upright Row, switch to a 6kg dumbbell.

Session Information:

  • In this session you will be doing Supersets. - To perform a superset you do the first exercise immediately followed by the second exercise without rest between them to maximise the intensity and time under tension. 10 reps of the exercise 1 and 10 reps of the exercise 2 count as 1 set
  • Rest between sets should be 60 seconds.
  • Remember to watch the tutorial videos if you are unsure on how to perform a movement.
  • Please always ask an instructor at your gym for any further assistance if you are still unsure on how to perform the correct technique.
  • Exercise List